Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is something that many business owners never think about when getting ready to do their floors. They choose the flooring and look into setting up a cleaning and maintenance schedule. They put a great deal of effort into the choices and forget about surface preparation.


Surface preparation is the process that is used to get a floor ready for the application of a coating or flooring. This can be done in a process like sand blasting or done with chemicals. There are a great number of procedures that can be used. The preparation can be done by one of three parties. The owner can attempt to prepare the surfaces themselves. This is not a good idea as the procedure can be dangerous and if it is not done right then the end results will simply not work.


A third party or company can perform the preparation. This is a better choice than tackling the job with the proper training or equipment, but can be more expensive in the end. The best choice is to have the company that will be installing the coating or flooring do the preparations. This is not always possible, but if it is then is the best choice all around. The surface preparation will cost less and will be done properly the first time around.