Commercial Flooring and Floor Treatments

Below you will find a list of Concrete Solutions International commecial flooring services. We are happy to assist you in making the right decision to fit your industry’s needs. Whether epoxy flooring or concrete polishing, Concrete Solutions International will provide you with the best flooring solution to suit your industry.

IMG_0999Polish existing concrete floor to desired sheen level. Concrete polishing of existing floors to look like new flooring. Add some color and no one can tell that is your old concrete flooring. Add decorative taste to your dull concrete floor.

Polished new construction slab to desired sheen level. Polish your new concrete to omit concrete flooring imperfections. Whether it is small indenture or a small hill, adding polish to your new construction slab will cover these oversights.

Epoxy Coatings. Beautify any industrial flooring with an epoxy coating. Easy to clean and maintain. Epoxy floors reduce maintenance costs. These floors are VOC and OSHA compliant. Your company will be up to code usingIMG_1150

Decorative Epoxy. These floors are easy to maintain and hide your industry’s daily dirt and dust. Decorative epoxy allows stains to hide as the floors have pebble like figures in them.
Decorative Flakes Systems. Is a new system for resurfacing concrete that not only offers a decorative look, but adds life to your floors.
Chemical Resistant Systems. We have chemical resistant systems that can preserve your industrious floors. Whether a garage or a chemical industry plant, we offer great solutions to the wear and tear of the floors you currently have.

Floor Grinding and preparation. We can prepare your floors for their new make over. We can handle all preparations needed so your floors are ready for us to install your new industrial floors.imageedit_5_7810050304

 Color dye – 32 colors to choose from. Our industrious floors allow you to choose from 32 dyes that can match your color scheme. We have the floor color you are looking for. Add color to your dreary floors.


IMG_1673 Polyaspartics- Same day return to Polyaspartic floor coating allows you to make renovations with out having to stop the assembly line.

Diamond buff existing polished concrete floors to revive that old faded shine. If you have had your polished concrete for some time but want to bring back that shine, call us we can have your old floors looking like new. Diamond buff will bring your polished concrete floors back to the shine they had when first installed.