Polished Concrete


Polished Concrete by Concrete Solutions International is a superior floor finish that your co-workers, employees or clients will thank you for. Have a big industrial business? No problem! Concrete Solutions International offers state of the art industrial floor coatings for all your industrial floor needs. Boring gray concrete floors? Not anymore, you can now choose from colored concrete, concrete dye, painted concrete floors, concrete grinding polishing and much more to spice up your environment without polluting it. Polished Concrete Floors from Concrete Solutions International will provide:

  • Flatter surface that is resistant to tire marks
  • Brighter appearance with increased light reflectivity
  • Safer, slip resistance when wet or dry
  • More colorful hues and more saw cut patterns from which to choose

Why polished concrete floors? Simple, polished concrete is practically maintenance free and never needs to be replaced. It even protects against marks caused by truck, forklift and heavy equipment. You can even keep your floor options open by adding creative and colorful floor designs or place your company logo anywhere in the floor that you choose. Concrete grinding and polishing will reveal the most brilliant, vibrant, durable, and practical floor of all.

Do you want to add some concrete color dye while we do the concrete polishing? Let us know before the preparation phase. Decorative concrete flooring or decorative concrete resurfacing will get the most out of your floors.  With 34 colors from which to choose, the possibilities are endless! What do you spend periodically replacing or maintaining your current floor? A concrete floor finish is an economical and affordable solution. Beautiful looking floors don’t have to be expensive. Keep in mind that you are choosing a floor that lasts forever. It is practically maintenance free! Concrete Solutions International floors provide:

  • Lower initial cost compared to most other floor coverings
  • No down time waiting on chemical processes to cure
  • One time application process with minimal subsequent maintenance
  • Lower maintenance costs with less wear on cleaning equipment and consumables

Concerned about the impact the polish concrete job can have over your work place? Worry no more! Concrete Solutions International is not only the smart choice, but the responsible choice! Why? We offer a line of environmentally friendly water based dyes that keep our environment free of pollutants. The dry, dust-free grind filters out almost all airborne dust and no waxes or topical coatings are needed.

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