Industrial Flooring

Industrial flooring can take on several faces. It is hard to determine exactly what is needed without knowing the purpose for the flooring. Some flooring needs to stand the test of time through the most harsh work environment, while other industrial flooring needs to look like it did the minute it was installed and help showcase a warehouse of items.


It is the purpose that sets the base level for flooring. It is the foundation upon which all other information is built. There are heavy duty centers of manufacture and there are showcase warehouses that are used to help make sales of merchandise.


Where to Begin


Once a person knows what the purpose that the flooring is to serve, they must begin to make choices. Heavy work areas may need something that can last and last through the highest levels of abuse. A good solid industrial concrete floor coating can help preserve almost any floor through a great deal of abuse. The underlying concrete should be painted and made to look its best before adding any type of coating.


These concrete floor coatings will be applied in a few layers and can protect the floor under a great deal of abuse. Heavy foot traffic and even traffic by small industrial pieces of equipment, such as forklifts and the like will leave this flooring intact. This type of flooring will maintain nearly the same look as the day that it is installed over years with a minimum of maintenance.


Other Options


If the look of the floor is the absolute highest priority, then the best way to go is industrial epoxy flooring. It is technology that has made this type of flooring possible. Epoxy may be one of the greatest inventions ever. It makes many jobs that would have cost in the thousands cost a fraction of that. One can think of Epoxy as a liquid plastic that hardens to a durable state.


Because of the cost of Epoxy, industrials epoxy flooring is a great choice for large areas. If it is a factory or large warehouse floor that needs to be covered, this is the prime choice. The look is flawless and durable and the cost of Epoxy is near nothing.


In the same realm as industrial Epoxy flooring is industrial epoxy floor coating. The difference is merely in the look and purpose. While Epoxy flooring can be used as a floor in itself, industrial epoxy floor coating is more of a protectant that is placed over pre-existing flooring. Think of the coating as a clear protective coating that will let the underlying floor shine through. This can also be used to add a clear shine to a duller surface.


The key to understanding why industrial epoxy flooring is such a great choice is to understand some of the uses of epoxy. The clear coating that protects a car’s paint and finish is based on epoxy. Epoxy is used in applications by companies like NASA. Some of the equipment in the factory is using epoxy to protect its internal parts.


Epoxy is strong enough that it is used in the construction of equipment used in factories. This is one of those inventions that saves lives and saves money. Now, it is accessible to countless companies for use in their businesses. This has brought about the introduction of one of the most cost saving flooring options known to man.


When it comes to saving money and to saving wear and tear on an industrial floor, there is nothing that can beat industrial epoxy flooring. Epoxy can be combined with the use of industrial floor paint to create a great looking and strong factory or warehouse floor. This is a flooring alternative that will hold up for years to the highest levels of abuse.


Anyone that is looking for the right options for their business can rest assured that this is a great choice. Epoxy options can also be so cost effective that factories where the equipment is being changed frequently will not spend thousands to redo a small area of the floor. There is no end to the advantages that this type of low cost flooring provides. It is astounding to realize that an entire factory or an entire warehouse can be done for a small investment.


The key to making money in industry is to keep the cost down and the revenue up. Any self-respecting company owner knows this. Not only does industrial floor paint reduce the costs on the initial installation, it also lasts longer than many of the other options. Therefore, money is saved the moment that the flooring is installed and those savings continue to build as time goes by. While another company is spending money having the entire floor redone for the third time in five years, your business continues to thrive.


Also, do not forget the loss of revenue other companies experience when the entire factory has to sit idle for days while the floors are redone. That in itself is a perfect reason to follow through and used great, low cost industrial floor paint.


Industrial flooring is considered one of the primary expenses in the first year of business and production for any new factory or warehouse. The startup costs for any business can take years to recoup. The key is to keep the startup costs low and maintenance costs low also. This is made possible by these innovations in industrial flooring. Whether it is industrial epoxy flooring or industrial floor paint, thousands of dollars can be saved. Combining the two can make that savings even bigger.