Commercial floors always take a great deal of abuse. However, by installing an epoxy flooring system, you reduce maintenance costs while extending the service life of the floor iteself. These industrial floor treatments help companies save their current floors and avoid high replacement costs.  In the event the old floor must be removed, we can handle that, too. Concrete Solutions International uses top of the line products to make your commercial floor last for years with little to no maintenance. We even offer clear epoxy coatings for any industrial grade floor.


Epoxy Floor Coatings Our epoxy floors are ideal for warehouses, production lines, loading bays and where goods are moved on trucks or pallets. Epoxy flooring will allow your company to meet top safety guidelines against, slip resistance and/or fire resistance. Epoxy flooring also proves great for different industries. Is your organiation a pharmaceutical company? A cosmetics, food, beverage, chemical or electronics company? Our epoxy flooring is perfect for your industrial flooring needs. We are industrial flooring contractors and we offer service, solutions and systems for companies like yours.


Epoxy flooring will not stop your production line for too long. Depending on the size of your job, Concrete Solutions International can have your floor ready for production within 1 day for normal foot traffic and no more than 4 days for vehicle use. Our company prides itself in efficient turn around time. We understand that there is no time for down time. The faster the work is done the faster you are in service again.


Epoxy Coating Our floor coating offers protection against harsh chemicals and leaks. Our state of the art, effective flooring will protect your concrete from leaks and chemicals used in your industry.  We are here to help you continue to run an effective business. Our epoxy coating systems will have your company’s floor last for years to come. Still looking for epoxy floors, a commercial floor finish or a commercial flooring installation? Look no more, Concrete Solutions International is your solution.

There are many advantages to using Epoxy floors, we are here to assist you in making the right choice to meet your industry’s guidelines. We offer impact resistant, slip resistant, fire resistant, chemical resistant, hygienic, and economical industrial floors. All these factors will benefit your industry. Give us a call and we will assist you in making the right decision for your epoxy flooring needs!

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