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IMG_3264 Concrete Solutions International is the leading provider of epoxy and polished concrete flooring installation services.  We coat, polish, or stain your showroom floor space using the most durable materials at a very cost effective price.  In a hurry?  We complete projects quickly, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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Only experienced technicians will install your new floor surface.  Your company will not lose production time.  Our customers and clients are very pleased with our work so contact us for references.  We pride ourselves in the amount of repeat business we’ve earned over the years. Concrete Solutions International will happily travel to provide the best quality flooring at competitive rates in your area. We have the experience to meet your company’s flooring needs. Many options are available.  Epoxy floors are beautiful, clean, scratch resistant and very durable. Color can be added using a decorative floor dye. With a fresh floor finish, your warehouse will make for an attractive work environment.

Polished Concrete Flooring Installation

Polished concrete floors from Concrete Solutions International are also durable and cost effective. This simple method of floor refinishing is becoming more popular throughout the US.


IMG_2073Depending on your company’s needs our organization has the experience, equipment and training to do the job. Epoxy floors are very durable and scratch resistant. They are beautiful and clean. Using a simple decorative floor dye, your warehouse will make for an attractive work environment. Our polished concrete floors are also durable and cost effective. They make your concrete floor durable and cost efficient to maintain.

Polyaspartics is the latest technology in floor coating.

 Polyaspartic floor coating is four times more abrasion resistant than standard two pack epoxy.  It is 100% UV proof, and cures in under four hours. A Polyaspartic floor treatment puts your company back in business promptly.


Do you have an existing floor you are considering for renovation? We can remove the existing  floor IMG_1127coating, perform all necessary floor preparations and repair before coating, and install your beautiful and durable new floor finish. Is OSHA compliance a concern? We can help with that as well.  Our polished concrete floors meet OSHA’s coefficient of friction requirements for dry and wet floors. No matter what type of floor application you’re looking to achieve we can get it done quickly.


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